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Our trailer business has been a success with a growing list of satisfied customers throughout much of the United States. Though we are located in Michigan, we have delivered trailers to Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia and New Jersey; as well as many Midwestern states. Our customers realize that our  trailers are really well- built and intended to last for years without the worrying about bolts rusting out or loosening up. ALL of this at very competitive pricing. Most of our competitors design their trailers to be shipped, we design them to be used over a long period and in tough terrain. The electrical harness is internal to the channel of the frame, not exposed on the bottom of the trailer where underbush can snag and be pulled out.

The second reason for our Kayak Kaboose’s popularity is that they are cool.  Really, they look good. The options cover a wide range of enabling options that permit the user to spend time in the wilderness with the tools needed to maximize that experience. Our customers like to paddle their kayaks, ride their bikes, use their SUP’s, carrying gear for a weekend or longer and camp. We provide value priced alternatives for each of these. Here are some examples of things we have done for our customers:

  1. Provide  two large container or ice chest racks to secure containers below the kayaks and above the axle.
  2. How about a great looking tool chest like you see on the back of a pick up in the frame of your trailer,too cool and really practical.
  3. Bring your bikes along on our bike mast (up to four bikes).
  4. Bring your bikes along using your own bike rack that attaches to our bike hitch on the tongue of the trailer.
  5. Use your old car top cargo carrier on a special platform for your carrier on the frame of the trailer.
  6. Bring expensive tandem bikes along on a specially designed tandem bike carrier system.
  7. Use extended trailers to take long kayaks, using an extra forward support bunk.
  8. Use our special arm system for hammock camping off the trailer.
  9. Take your motorcycle along on a frame- supported deck and high rise bunks for storing  kayaks above the motorcycle.
  10. Take a mix of SUP’s. kayaks, bikes and camping gear.

Do you have some special request?  Just let us know and let’s see what we can figure out. The benefit of a very strong frame foundation is that we can add a lot of cool options to it.

You can see some of the options in our Wilderness Adventure Trailer photo gallery (wildernessadventuretrailers)link to photo gallery). We have begun this entire new business called Wilderness Adventure Trailers because we can provide a range of trailers beyond our popular Kayak Kaboose for getting you out in the wilderness. Let us know what you are interested in and we will provide you with a series of options. We usually do this by phone or questionnaire to understand your expected use and then we respond with a spreadsheet of costs.