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In all things of Nature, there is something of the marvelous”….Aristotle

We love these words and thoughts of our friend Mr. Aristotle. Frankly, we cannot find a better opening quote that so clearly resonates with what we believe about nature, so we have used this as the opening line for our web site for several years.  Aristotle’s statement reflects our thinking, our commitment and our experience and we invite you to join us:” Step into the Marvelous”


So far, we have a record level of rent activity in 2017, and we are grateful. Thank you!!! We made a change to our operations, WE HAVE NO RETAIL PRESENCE. WE HANDLE ALL OUR CUSTOMERS BY PHONE AND INTERNET….so  we await your call and WE WILL MEET YOU AT THE RIVER. Yep, no physical address for you to come to, come directly to the river and we meet you there or at your location, as you please.

Our procedure is easy: CALL US AT 616.366.1146. Tell us the date and time you want to paddle and the number of kayaks you want. We do the rest and will text you a confirmation with a launch address and have your kayaks ready for you.

Our crew is comprised of Gray Gogolin who is a long- term Holland resident and worked with the Parks and Recreation department for years. Garry Visscher is a teacher helping us schlep kayaks in the summer, when he isn’t working with kids. Andrew Thorsby, you may remember from prior years, is a student at Western Michigan University. I am the gray-hair you see on the You Tube videos.  One of these days we will get photos up on the site.

One of the things, I messed up on this year was to forget to delete our address on our web site. The result was some old customers went to our old location and rented kayaks thinking we were still there. Nope. The result was we received some calls complaining of poor quality kayaks. I am really sorry about this oversight on my part. We are really proud of the quality of our equipment, our knowledge of kayaking and our commitment to great service to our great customers.




July, 2017




For 10 years now, we have provided rental kayaks to the following:

  • South Haven, Michigan on the Black River-please  call for reservations.

  • Holland, Michigan for the Pigeon River and other places- please call ahead.

  • Saugatuck area on the Kalamazoo River- please call for reservations.

  • We can help you other places and for your cottage use, just call us. 616.366.1146.

  • We deliver them right to you at the water for your convenience. We believe our rates are competitive and our service and equipment superior….give us a try!

  • Make a reservation!!!   ….. Call 616.366.1146.


We are particularly blessed to be able to focus on the paddling venue here in Michigan. What really makes this special is that Michigan offers a wide range of paddling options. West Michigan, our immediate area, is a microcosm of Michigan Paddling.  Our local rivers are quiet, peaceful and filled with turtles and other wildlife. We are happy to suggest some paddling options for your day on the water. Take the family, enjoy the calm water and beautiful scenery. Clean water and no high speed traffic or rough water!

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Let us help you plan your group adventure. Remember we rent 7 days a week, just call us at 616.366.1146. Sunday after 1 pm.

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We spend a lot of our personal time paddling.  And we know lots of the local places, so we started West Michigan Discovery to help you with interesting local venues. This is true of local watering holes,  local rivers, museums, farmer markets, sustainable  agriculture venues….what is on your mind, try us.

We are happy to help you identify and plan your trip. Our local paddling venues are among the most beautiful in the country. Over the course of years, we have enjoyed and explored much of the great natural opportunities of West Michigan and even heading up to the Upper Peninsula and the Lake Michigan islands.This we call Wilderness Adventure Trekking. So give us a call from special corporate team building outings to church groups to out- door bridal party trips, we have enjoyed advising on a wide range of activities.


We have great customers. You guys deserve the best equipment …clean and high quality. This year we introduce our own Paddle Boards. They are the Glide boards made here in the USA. Made with the best materials of NON VOC material, which means if any color leaches off in the water …NO HARM to the water. Few other outfitters offer similar quality.

Balance Your Life

Another continuing theme for us is “Balance your Life”.  We realize that the best way to enjoy paddling and reap returns from your outdoor adventures is for a balance in your approach. This means to us regular exercise, good nutrition, healthy relationships and a reasonable approach to work.  It is our experience that this is a meaningful reality and a motivating force for our customers.

Kayak Kaboose Trailers

Our line of trailers have become very popular in just a few years. Check them out in our Trailer section. The reason for this popularity is pretty basic: these are excellent trailers of high quality and more than competitively priced. Plus we  have options  to haul your bikes and SUPs. There are options for extra cargo and storage space on your trailer. We have rigged the trailers to carry recumbent bikes and tandems with kayaks.One of our good customers even had us rig his trailer for hammock camping.

Check it out here or at www.wildernessadventuretrailer.com.

 Here is the link to our youtube channel, for kayak trailers and our paddling venues.     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRGhrhyzMRvIyDrII4mh53w